stages and

Designing, producing and building stage installations takes precise planning, weeks of production and a good skilled team to put them together. Over the years Artescape has collaborated with many other artists and designers to manifest these masterpieces.

Aside from the production, specialised lighting and video projection is responsible for bringing this stages to life at night. Performed by an international team of VJ’er’s and lighting wizards, who orchestrate sound activated light shows and interactive live video mapping keeping the audience mesmerised throughout the show.

Artescape has designed iconic stages for festivals around the world such as Universo Paralello & Tribe in Brazil & Elrow from Barcelona. Earthdance, Rocking the Daisies & Origin Festival in Cape Town, The Experience in Thailand and Sunshine Festival in Japan to name a few.

Mentionable collaborators: Christopher Dowding, Hexa Structures, Michele Petillo and Victor Freitas from Brazil. Richard McKenzie, Kyle Pratt & Anna Human. Afterlife VJ & Mourad Nechnach.